Short course: In situ laser methods in modern lithological research

Course title: In Situ Laser Methods in Modern Petrological Research; Principles and Applications

Time: 1st-5th September, 2014
Place: University of Helsinki, Department of Geosciences and Geography (Physicum), C 107

Lecturers: Calvin Barnes and Melanie Barnes, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA

The Finnish Doctoral Program in Geology and the Doctoral Program in Geosciences, University of Helsinki will arrange a five-day short course that focuses on the principles, applications, and pertinent case studies of modern laser-ablation analysis as applied to petrology. The course will be especially suited for Ph.D. projects involving trace element analysis of mineralogical material and high-temperature petrology and beneficial to anyone interested in the current status of cutting-edge geochemical analytical procedures. N.b., this course will not focus on geochronology.

Form: Lectures, practicals, student assignments. Participants will acquire 2 credits for a completed course.

Registration deadline: 29.8.2014

Monday Sep 1: 10-12, 13-15

Definitions and principles of trace element distribution, Exercise 1
Tuesday Sep 2: 9-12, 13-15
Instrumentation, Petrologic processes, Exercise 2
Wednesday Sep 3: 9-12, 13-16
Sampling and sample preparation, documentation, Calculation of melt compositions, Exercise 3
Thursday Sep 4: 9-12, 13-16
Discussion of Exercise 3, Accessory minerals, Introduction to Exercise 4
Friday Sep 5: 9-12, 13-16
Discussion of Exercise 4, Review of examples of petrologic study using in situ analysis


Travel and reasonable accommodation expenses will be covered  for doctoral program members from outside the Helsinki metropolitan area.