Sequence Stratigraphy

Short course: Sequence stratigraphy (2 credit points)

Lectured by Professor and Davis Chair Ronald J. Steel (Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas, Austin)

Sequence stratigraphy is a tool for basin analysis. It is one of the main approaches and constitutes a fundamental element in the workflow of mapping subsurface basin fills and reservoirs. The course is highly recommended for students in all fields of geology including bedrock and quaternary geologists, sedimentologists and paleontologists.

Time: 8.-10.12.2014 (starts at 9:15 Monday-morning, ends ca. 16 Wednesday)
Place: University of Helsinki, Kumpula Kampus, Monday: D112 (Physicum), Tuesday: C 108 (Physicum), Wednesday: DK 118 (Exactum)

Registration deadline: 26.11.2014

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