SIMS AND LA-ICP-MS in the Earth Sciences

NordSIM laboratory, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm and
SIGL, Geological Survey of Finland, Helsinki, 3-7 June, 2013
Sponsors: NordSIM, SIGL, and the Finnish Doctoral Program in Geology
High resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and laser ablation induction
coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS) are both well-established methods for in situ
trace element and isotope geochemistry in solid phases on a scale of a few tens of
micrometres or less.
The aim of this course is to provide research students and scientists working in geochemistry,
geochronology and related fields with the theoretical and practical background knowledge
needed to make full and appropriate use of these complementary methods. The course will
focus on providing the theoretical background to SIMS and LA-ICP, applications in different
branches of isotope- and trace element geochemistry, and a practical hands-on introduction to
Lectures will be given by invited leading international specialists and by members of the staff
of the NORDSIM Laboratory and SIGL, who will also supervise the practical aspects of the
course. The first part of the course emphasing SIMS methodology, will be held at the
Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm. Following mid-week overnight travel to
Helsinki, the second part of the course will be held at SIGL, Helsinki.
Numbers are limited and priority will be given to students and early career reseachers whose
Studies are likely to utilize these methods. Please apply by sending an e-mail (deadline 30th
April, 2013) to, stating your current research status and
motivation to attend the course. Acceptance to the course will be notified soon after this date.
There is no course attendance fee. Please note that apart from the one-way ferry trip between Stockholm and Helsinki, we are unfortunately unable to subsidise travel and accommodation.