Short Course and Workshop: Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction

April 23rd – April 25th at University of Helsinki, Department of Geosciences and Geography

by Prof. Brewster Conant Jr., University of Waterloo, Canada

Registration deadline: 18.4.2013; at 13:00



Tuesday April 23rd 

14:00-18:00 PHYSICUM – PHY D112

14:00-15:30 Groundwater / Surface water Interactions: Processes and Characterization  (1.5 hours)


16:00-17:00 Using Infrared Thermography and Temperature Methods to Characterize Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions (1 hour)

17:00-18:00 A PCE Groundwater Plume Discharging to a River:  Influence of the Streambed and Near-River Zone on Contaminant Distributions (1 hour)


Wednesday April 24th

9:15-12:00 PHYSICUM – PHY E207

9:15- 10:45  Rapid Multi-Scale Methodology for Characterizing Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions and Contaminated Groundwater Discharge (1.5 hours)


11:00- 12:00  The Walkerton Tragedy:  E.coli Contamination of a Public Water Supply Well and  Understanding the Hydrogeological Factors (1 hour)

Lunch Break

13:00-14:30 Show and tell: laboratories, field equipments, IR camera system etc. (Kirsti Korkka-Niemi, Anne Rautio, Harri Matikainen)

15:00-18:00  PHYSICUM – PHY D112

15:00-15:30  Infiltration and Transport of Tracers Applied to the Surface of an Agricultural Field – The Effect of Macroporous Soils and Tile Drains (0.5 hour)

15:30-16:00 Groundwater Discharge from Riparian Zones and Preferential Pathways: Implications for Buffer Strip Widths to Protect Surface Water (0.5 hour)


16:15-18:00  Avoiding Rookie Mistakes When Collecting and Interpreting Hydrogeological Data (interactive discussion 1.5 hour)


Thursday, April 25th Case studies from Finland (20-30 minutes + 15 minutes discussion)

Chairs Brewster Conant Jr. and Kirsti Korkka-Niemi

08:15-14:00   PHYSICUM – PHY E207

8:15-9:00 Anne Rautio:  Groundwater-surface water interaction studies at Lake Pyhäjärvi, SW Finland

9:00-9:45 Brewster Conant Jr.: Using the Water Balance Method to Quantify Net Groundwater Discharge to Lake Pyhäjärvi, SW Finland


10:00-10:45 Anna-Liisa Kivimäki :  Groundwater interaction with river water in the catchment of the River Vantaa and its tributaries, Southern Finland

10:45-11:30 Samrit Luoma: Groundwater and surface water interactions in the shallow coastal aquifer in Hanko, South Finland

Lunch Break

12:15-13:00 Kirsti Korkka-Niemi:  Hydrogeology and groundwater – river water connections at the Hannukainen mining development site in Kolari, Northern Finland

13:00-13:45 Peter Howett: Rautuvaara, An environmental assessment for a proposed mine tailings facility

13:45-14:00 General discussion and closing of the workshop


Travel and reasonable accommodation expenses will be covered for graduate school members from outside the Helsinki metropolitan area.