Quick summary about January

Beginning of January was good start for English learning again. Weekly dose of writing and reading are guaranteed in “Introduction to advanced geoinformatics” -course. Unfortunately i’m not able to include course reading material to this ALMS -course but it will be good exercise for academic reading. Writing exercises in English is not necessary for the course but i’ll do it in English because why not? Good exercise & hours for his course :)) Win-win situation!

Course consists of lecture on Mondays, book club on Tuesdays and exercise group on Wednesdays. Book we are reading in book clubs is “Geospatial Analysis:  A Comprehensive Guide to Principles, Techniques and Software Tools” by Michael J. De Smith,‎ Michael F. Goodchild,‎ Paul A. Longley​. To be honest it hasn’t been so complicated text as i expected BUT this weeks book club was far from easy text. Big data and spatial analysis as process were easy compared to this terrible “network analysis” theme. Although i didn’t understand most of it, i was able to write about three Power point slides about it :).

During these three weeks I’ve spent about 3 h / week only for writing book club summaries and exercise reports. So… three times three makes 9! Nine hours of writing in January. I have already noticed that i write better English after few weeks.

I’ll do some kind of summary about Vietnam war documentary series after i’ve finished it.


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