It has been bit quiet here….

I’ve been bit busy with school and other things in my life (trip to Ukraine etc.) so this blog has been bit neglected. I’m not going to tell more about things I’ve watched / listened and these lasts posts concentrate more in speaking.

Last month we had another English speaking evening with Saku. I really don’t remember exact date but it was second last or last (?)  friday of march. Some might say that it could have been better to write post about it in time but….well, you can’t always succeed!

So, we used method which we had used before: take few beers, speak English, talk about life, talk about music, talk about happenings etc…. Evening went on nicely like the last time we spoke English with Saku and we spoke English about 2h also this time. After two hours we switched to Finnish and continued our evening.

I mentioned Ukraine earlier in this post so next post in this blog will be about it!

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