Vegan Runeberg cakes

Anyone else struggling to leave their apartment this dreary February? This month Kasviskeskiviikko highlights four recipes best made with companions in an effort to remind our Vitamin D-deficient selves of the importance of coming together during these dark days. A surefire way to motivate the winter sloth out of their pajamas and into the cold? The promise of […]

Kiitosgiving stuffing

I confidently speak for all Americans when I say the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table is not the turkey, but rather, the soggy bread mush stuffed inside her. This recipe is an attempt to create space within a long-engrained history of traditional foods (and violence), for new flavors that reflect heritage identities, family landscapes, and […]

Vegan pumpkin pie

Since childhood my preferred “birthday cake” has always been pumpkin pie. Despite my July birthday, my Aunt Kathy always indulges this seasonally/socially inappropriate request with one of her remarkable homemade pies.  Well guess what Aunt Kathy- this pie isn’t as good as yours. BUT it’s November, so 1.) it’s socially acceptable to eat/make, and 2.) […]