Funding for the study of self-regulation

Our doctoral student Jouni Veijalainen has been granted by Jenny and Antti Wihuri foundation with a 24 000 euro funding. The grant is for Jouni’s doctoral dissertation “Children’s self-regulation skills in day care”. Jouni’s data is from the 2015 data collection. In his dissertation Jouni combines children’s evaluated self-regulation skills with the observed activities, which makes it possible to study how the self-regulation skills are related to everyday activities and peer contacts in day care centres. Self-regulative skills are essential when children get practice to steer their own and also others life for a sustainable well-being.

A grant for our project

The Finnish National Board of Education has granted our project on Progressive Feedback for 280 000 euro. The grant was clearly the largest sum funded of all applications. This funding is a major support and recognition of our project. The participating municipalities include Espoo, Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna, Järvenpää, Kerava, Mäntsälä, Nurmijärvi, Sipoo, Turku and Vantaa. The project coordinating municipality is Kouvola. Thank you for the team for a succesful project! The funding will help us to make the best of progressive feedback. We will concentrate on accuracy, depth, topicality and feedback.


Funding for study of multicultural children

outiAlli Paasikivi foundation has awarded the 2016 grants. Outi Arvola received funding (21 000 euro) for her research, where she studies the Orientation project results from the point of view of the multicultural children and their families. At the moment, Outi is working with the support needed for different families with a multicultural background and probably the  multicultural children’s everyday experiences are the next topics of her research. Congratulations for Outi! The funding is an essential help in accomplishing the needed deepness and validity of this timely topic.

Progressive feedback in ECEC

Orientation project participates in Tekes  Challenge Finland -competition. Challenge Finland is a competition that is seeking commercialisable solutions to major problems. The aim of the competition is to effectively combine top Finnish research with private-sector R&D. Entry is open to Finnish top researchers and companies that want to improve the world. Because Early Childhood is the best place to work for better and more sustainable future, this competition is tailored for us. We presented our project in Finlandia Hall 29th February. The presentation slides (in Finnish) are here. More info about the competition is available here.

Leadership scholarship for Ulla Soukainen

ullaThe Finnish Work Environment Fund has applied Ulla Soukainen (Ph.D., service maneger in early childhood education in Turku) a scholarship of 5000 euro for the analysis of Orientation project data. The main idea of the analysis is to study leadership relating to the basic tasks of early childhood education. The scholarship makes possible to utilize the large and versatile data collected in relation to leadership. The work of the daycare center director has direct connections with children’s everyday experiences, their perceived skills and learning environment. The scholarship also helps to give the directors better feedback on the found connections. Congratulations to Ulla!


Funding for Pedagogical documentation

katiKati Rintakorpi has received a grant from the Ebeneser-foundation (Siiri Valli’s grant) for 8000 euro for the finishing touches of her dissertation. Kati studies the benefits and challenges of pedagogical documentation in early years. Her last dissertation article is based on Orientation project data. How is pedagogical documentation connected with the everyday activities of the children? What are the connections to the learning environment? What kind of skills and tendencies does pedagogical documentation relate to? Congratulations to Kati!

Funding for research on multicultural children in early childhood education in Finland

Outi Arvola is doing her doctoral thesis on the Orientation project data. The data will be ready by 29 May 2015. Outi has been granted 20000 eoros for research on multicultural children in early childhood education. Alli Paasikivi foundation chose Outi’s research from 257 applications, of which only 23 got funding. This means that Outi’s project was regarded being among the very best. Congratulations for Outi!

Funding for Orientation project

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has decided to grant Orientation project. The sum is 180 000 euro and the funding is for 2014-2016. The funding is for enhancing the positive feedback loop of early childhood physical activity. The evaluation of the funded projects was carried on in cooperation with the Academy of Finland, which allowed an international comparison of scientific competence. The funding is a significant recognition of the work done in the  Orientation project and it enables a more flexible work in the future.  Thank you for the participants in the project, who have made this grant possible.