Team 2: Medieval and Early Modern Thought (Latin and Arabic)

The team focuses on the history of religious recognition from medieval to early modern times, including Islamic thought. As these periods have not been properly covered in earlier studies of recognition, special attention is paid to the choice of topics and texts. The Team focuses on the following topics:

a. Defining religion and religious communities

b. Reason, natural law, and religious dialogue

c. Freedom of conscience and religion

d. Politeness, sociability and toleration

Team Leader

 makinen-v Virpi Mäkinen, University Lecturer in Social and Theological Ethics (University of Helsinki)
Discussion on the rights of infidels in late medieval and early modern moral-philosophical and political texts
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Nicholas Faucher, Post-doctoral researcher

Religious faith, reflexivity, and recognition in the Middle Ages

haara-hhaara-h Heikki Haara, Post-doctoral researcher
Psychological and social aspects of Samuel Pufendorf’s theory of sociability
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kaukua-j Jari Kaukua, Senior researcher
Qur’ānic Tolerance in Tafsīr and Fiqh Literature
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Jeremy Kleidosty, Post-doctoral researcher
Constitutionalism and Comparative Political Theory in Monotheistic Traditions
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 karkkainen-p Pekka Kärkkäinen, Senior researcher
Recognizing the “scholastic” heritage in early Lutheranism
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 mattila-j Janne Mattila, Post-doctoral researcher (University of Louvain (
The problem of religious diversity in early Arabic philosophy
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 paakkinen-i Ilse Paakkinen, Post-doctoral researcher
Philosophical and Theological Arguments in Defence of Women in Early Feminist Thought (1400–1600)
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palmen-r Ritva Palmén, Post-doctoral researcher
Elements of Recognition in Medieval and Renaissance Intellectual History
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Mikko Posti, Post-doctoral researcher
War and Identity in Later Medieval Theological and Philosophical Thought
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poykko-p-m Panu-Matti Pöykkö, Doctoral student
Ambivalent Ethical Transcendentalism: ethics, recognition and religion in Levinas’ Talmudic commentaries and philosophical writings
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riggs-t Timothy Riggs, Post-doctoral researcher
Constructions of Self and Other: Polemical Engagement with the Other in St. John of Damascus and Beyond
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 ruotsala-a Antti Ruotsala, Senior researcher
Franciscans in the Mongol Empire (1245-1370) – Encountering Other Religions
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 savonius-wroth-s-j Sami-Juhani Savonius-Wroth, Post-doctoral researcher
Love of truth and the Protestant ethics of belief, 1572-1706
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 toivanen-j Juhana Toivanen, Senior researcher
Natural Slaves, Just War, and Recognition of the Other in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
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Taneli Kukkonen, University of New York (Abu Dhabi)kukkonen-t