The annual Social Psychology Days 2021 are held in Helsinki on April 15-16, 2021.

Keynote speakers include Dr Cristian Tileâga (Loughborough University, UK), Dr Samantha Heintzelman, (Rutgers University-Newark, USA) and Professor Jari Hakanen (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health).

The theme of the conference is ‘Wellbeing and social relations’.

At the current times of heightened uncertainty related to issues such as health at the face of pandemics such as Covid-19 as well as climate change and the future of our planet, alongside polarized and even aggressively enforced group divisions and negotiations around equal rights to security, human as well as nonhuman wellbeing arises as an ever more pertinent issue worth addressing from a multitude of scientific angles. In the Social Psychology Days 2021, we wish to engage with the question of how social psychology in its various forms can address and enhance wellbeing empirically and theoretically. In addition to describing the state of the art in interventions into wellbeing and research on knowledge-making practices and everyday understandings around it, we wish to engage with questions on how wellbeing is defined in relation to ill-being, whose wellbeing comes to matter in practices around it in society at large as well as science, what kinds of norms underlie our definitions of wellbeing, and how human sociality is linked with the realities and definitions around wellbeing. Finally, we wish to address the question of what the grounds are for building solidarity around wellbeing, and in turn how solidarity-building practices can enhance wellbeing.

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