Ville Rohiola

Ville Rohiola is a researcher and project manager in Sub-project 3 (Ensuring Sustainability of SuALT), based at Museovirasto – the Finnish Heritage Agency. He is a curator in the Archaeological Collections in the Finnish Heritage Agency. Since 2014 Rohiola has worked actively with metal detector finds and metal detecting in general. He received his MA (archaeology) from the University of Helsinki in 2013. In addition to metal detecting his research interests include collections management, social memory and Iron Age burials.

Selected publications:

Rohiola, V. 2017: Metallinilmaisinlöydöt kartuttavat Museoviraston kokoelmia. Kulttuurista perinnöksi 1/2017, Museovirasto.

Rohiola, V. 2014: Metallinilmaisinlöydöt ja –harrastajat: Katsaus Kansallismuseon kokoelmien metallinilmaisinlöytöihin vv. 2011–2014. SKAS 2/2014, s. 17-25.

Rohiola, V. 2013: Polttokenttäkalmiston ominaisuudet ja rakenne: Tutkimuskohteena Laitilan Vainiomäen viikinkiaikainen B-kalmisto. Pro gradu -tutkielma, Helsingin yliopisto, arkeologian oppiaine.

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