Associate Professor Suzie Thomas

Suzie Thomas is Principal Investigator of the Consortium Project SuALT, and PI of Subproject 1 (User Needs and Public Cultural Heritage Interactions), which is based at the Department of Cultures. Suzie is Professor of Cultural Heritage Studies and Docent in Museum Studies, and previously was a researcher on the Academy of Finland project, Lapland’s Dark Heritage. Suzie studied first at the University of Sheffield, and the Newcastle University, where she gained a PhD researching the relationships between archaeologists and metal detectorists in England and Wales. She has collaborated on many projects looking at engaging with non-professional hobbyists, including the MEDEA project in Flanders, the Assessment of Hobbyist Metal Detecting project in Scotland, and the Society for American Archaeology’s Task Force on Professional Archaeologists, Avocational Archaeologists, and Artifact Collectors.

Selected publications:

Thomas, S. 2016 “The Future of Studying Hobbyist Metal Detecting in Europe: A Call for a Transnational Approach”. Open Archaeology 2(1): 140-149.

Thomas, S. 2015 “Collaborate, Condemn, or Ignore? Responding to Non-Archaeological Approaches to Archaeological Heritage”. European Journal of Archaeology 18(2): 312-335.

Thomas, S. 2012 “Searching for answers: a survey of metal-detector users in the UK”. International Journal of Heritage Studies 18(1): 49-64.

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