Dr Pieterjan Deckers

Pieterjan Deckers is an early medieval archaeologist with special interests in the societies around the North Sea and their material culture in that time, as well as, in the background and responses to non-professional metal detecting in his home country of Flanders and across Europe. From 2014 to 2017 he led the MEDEA project, that set up a recording scheme for metal-detected artefacts in Flanders. At present, he is a post-doctoral researcher at the Northern Emporium project (Aarhus University, Denmark), in addition to being employed at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) as the coordinator of www.vondsten.be, the online platform for metal-detected finds recording in Flanders.

Selected Publications

Deckers, P., forthcoming “Legislation, Policy and Practice of a Hobby: Archaeological Metal Detection by Amateurs in Flanders.” In Competing Values in Archaeological Heritage, edited by S. Campbell, S. Thomas, and L. White. Springer, forthcoming.

Deckers, P., L. Bleumers, S. Ruelens, B. Lemmens, N. Vanderperren, C. Marchal, J. Pierson, and D. Tys, 2016 “MEDEA: Crowd-Sourcing the Recording of Metal-Detected Artefacts in Flanders.” Open Archaeology 2, 264-277. doi: 10.1515/opar-2016-0019.

Deckers, P., M. Lewis, and S. Thomas, 2016 “Between Two Places: Archaeology and Metal-detecting in Europe.” Open Archaeology 2, 426-429. doi: 10.1515/opar-2016-0031.

Other Information

MEDEA platform www.vondsten.be

Academia page  vub.academia.edu/PieterjanDeckers