Project Team

The Finnish Archaeological Finds Recording Linked Database / Suomen arkeologisten löytöjen linkitetty tietokanta – SuALT

Sub-project 1: User Needs and Public Cultural Heritage Interactions
(University of Helsinki)

Principal Investigator: Dr Suzie Thomas

Researcher: Dr Anna Wessman

Research Assistant: Helinä Parviainen

Sub-Project 2: National Linked Open Data Service of Archaeological Finds in Finland
(Aalto University and HELDIG – Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities)

Principal Investigator: Professor Eero Hyvönen

Researcher: Dr Jouni Tuominen

Researcher: Esko Ikkala

Researcher: Mikko Koho

Subproject 3: Ensuring Sustainability of SuALT

(Museovirasto – Finnish Heritage Agency)

Principal Investigator: Dr Ulla Salmela

Project Leader: Jutta Kuitunen

Project Manager: Ville Rohiola

Project Partners

Dr Pieterjan Deckers

Associate Professor Andres S Dobat (Minos)

Dr Stijn Heeren

Dr Michael Lewis

Julie Melin

Professor Bonnie Pitblado

Carsten Risager

Dr Ny Björn Gustafsson