Associate Professor Andres S. Dobat

Associate Professor Andres S. Dobat (Minos), from Århus University, is one of the project’s international partners. He will contribute to the Expert Advisory Panel with experienced-based input and feedback to the project.

Selected publications:

Dobat, AS 2016 “Metal Detecting in Denmark: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Liberal Model”. i J Martens & M Ravn (red), Pløyejord som Kontekst: Nye perspektiver for forskning, forvaltning og formidling – artikelsamling. Portal Forlag, Oslo, s. 51-68.

Dobat, AS & Jensen, A 2016 ““Professional amateurs”: Metal detecting and metal detectorists in Denmark.” Open Archaeology 2(1): 70-84.

Dobat, AS 2013 “Between Rescue and Research: An Evaluation after 30 Years of Liberal Metal Detecting in Archaeological Research and Heritage Practice in Denmark.” European Journal of Archaeology, 16(4): 704-725.

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