Dr Ny Björn Gustafsson


Dr. Ny Björn Gustafsson is an empirically based finds specialist focusing on the material cultures of the later Scandinavian Iron Age and medieval period. He has a thorough experience in interpreting and utilizing metal detector finds in research – in particular as a means to locate and understand metalworking sites. He is also involved in the Swedish Sites and Monuments Record at The National Heritage Board in Visby, Gotland. Ny Björn will contribute to the Expert Advisory Panel with experienced-based input and feedback to the project. The SuALT project also hopes to gain insight on the Swedish situation on metal detecting.

Selected publications:
Gustafsson, N.B. 2012. Beyond Wayland – thoughts on early medieval metal workshops in Scandinavia. Historical metallurgy 45(2). p. 20-31

Gustafsson, N.B. 2013. Casting identities in central seclusion: aspects of non-ferrous metalworking and society on Gotland in the Early Medieval Period. Stockholm.

Gustafsson, N.B. 2013. Scrutinizing copper and bronze slag on Gotland: on making and dismantling of a category of archaeometallurgical finds. Journal of Nordic archaeological science 18, p. 49-53.

Gustafsson, N.B. 2016. Beeswax in metalworking in Viking Period Gotland. Fornvännen 111, p. 97-101.

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