Environmental Plan 2023

The goal of Vasara’s Environmental Plan is to minimize environmental stress in all activities. The plan specifies how environmental issues should be taken into consideration in different sectors. You can access the environmental plan HERE.

Usage of the organization ribbons

The organization ribbon indicates that you are part of Vasara ry. Vasara ry organization ribbons can be worn in three different ways: 1) Over the right shoulder, 2) Over the left shoulder or 3) As a rosette. Over which shoulder you should wear the ribbon is decided by your handedness. If you are right-handed the ribbon is worn over the left shoulder and if you are left-handed the ribbon is worn over the right shoulder. When the ribbon is worn over either shoulder it should be under the jacket, also as an overarching rule the ribbon or rosette should not be in touch with skin.

Our ribbon is monochrome, but in case you have other ribbons that are multicolored follow those organizations rule regarding which color should be up and down. When wearing more than one ribbon it is recommended to wear no more than three ribbons simultaneously and they should be worn in this order from top to bottom: student association, nation, subject association or corresponding.