Benefit from our impact and business collaboration services

University of Helsinki (UH) offers great research-business collaboration services. Services are provided by the experts located at Research Services. See our team from here.

During the past several years the business collaboration team has created and piloted many new type of services. The University of Helsinki doesn’t have a long history of supporting services under this category so the team has had a great opportunity to create most of the services from scratch.

From the picture below you can see what we did at year 2018. Overall guideline for our work is the UH’s current strategy. We work towards the goals:

• Co-operation with companies increases
• Research has high societal impact
• Joint research with stakeholders is encouraged and appreciated

We have done lot of training and coaching. One of our greatest basic tool is the Impact Clinic.

1000+ senior researchers and post-docs have participated our impact training since 2015.

The clinic helps researchers to understand what ‘impact’ means and why it is important in the world today. Especially the funding entities are sharp about impact. So far we have trained 1000+ post-doc and senior researchers. We give tools and ways to describe the impact. “The Impact Clinic opened my eye to realize that a good funding proposal is not all about science”, says a researcher in his feedback.

Business-Research Collaboration

One of our newest tool is the the Business Collaboration Accelerator for Faculties. The accelerator is designed for faculties to map the faculty’s current business collaboration situation and to make the most of the possible under-utilised potential.

Accelerator for faculties is designed to help faculties and centres in strategic business collaboration planning. This tool was created and piloted in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine during year 2018.

During the year 2018 we gave lot of support for partnering and co-creation. Just to mention few: we supported the Academy of Finland flagship applications, helped to build up the consortiums for Business Finland fundings and networked with many innovation ecosystems.

There was a +27% increase in Business Finland funding to the UH in 2018 (18,6M€ vs. 2017, 14,7M€)

How could you benefit from our services? As you can see, we support research-business collaboration in many ways and we have lot of activities around it. If you feel our team could support you, contact us at businessteam (at) and let’s have a talk and see more closely what we could do for the benefit or your research impact and business collaboration. We are here to help you!