China Law Collection

The China Law Collection consists of a wide range of books, journals and other academic publications on topics concerning Chinese law. The constantly growing collection offers over 900 titles on specific fields, including comparative law, legal theory, legal history, criminal law, labour law, environmental law, private law and private international law, as well as contributions on the methodology of comparative legal research, in both Chinese and English. The Collection provides a valuable resource for students and scholars conducting research on Chinese law and legal culture, and is accessible for the Center’s member institutions, as well as to all individuals interested in the subject.

The China Law Collection is located is located on the fourth floor of Kaisa-talo library, University of Helsinki (see map), and is maintained by the staff of the public library. Books can be consulted at the library by the public and can be browsed at the Helka catalogue by using the collection call number “hc 4. krs oikeustiede china law center collection” to find the available titles. Researchers and students from member institutions may also request inter-library loans.

The Library Collection is largely built upon donations from the Chinese and Finnish supporters. The Center has received book donations from visiting scholars, partner institutions such as CASS Law and PKU Law School as well as from other Chinese and Finnish institutions. For instance, in January 2013, CASS Law Institute and the CASS Law Library donated a number of central books on constitutionalism, human rights and the rule of law. In August 2013, the Center received two important book donations from PKU Law School and Fudan University Law School. In December 2016, the Center received a generous book donation from the Library of the Finnish Parliament. The collection included books on a wide range of judicial topics, including legal aspects of business, trade, domestic and international affairs, and history. In November 2018, the Center’s partner institution, PKU Law School again donated a variety of high-quality publications on Chinese legal system, Chinese legal theory, and Chinese legal developments, such as the commentary on State Secret Law, Civil Procedural Law and Corporate Governance.