Member Institutions

Research by member institutions constitutes the foundation of the Center’s research output. Researchers at member institutions engage in research and cooperate with their Chinese counterparts on research projects related to Chinese law. Member institutions each have their individual specific areas of expertise, and each member plays a unique role with a varying degree of engagement in the Center’s activities. In addition to research, member institutions promote education on Chinese law by organizing China law-related courses and lectures, while each member also has independent mobility agreements with Chinese universities, enabling researcher and student exchange.

The Center plays an active role in promoting new research on Chinese law and legal culture, as well as in supporting and coordinating projects, including organization of academic and networking events, and facilitating researcher exchanges. Cooperation between member institutions through the Center creates useful synergies in the field of research, bringing all relevant parties and researchers to the same table. Events organized by the Center have sprung new initiatives into being, deepened existing research, created new partnerships, and facilitated cooperation.The Center’s member institutions include eight leading Finnish universities and the Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy (Krimo), a research institute at the University of Helsinki. The member institutions are represented on the map and are listed below.


University of Helsinki

Aalto University



Hanken School of Economics


Lappeenranta University of Technology

University of Eastern Finland

University of Lapland

Tampere University

University of Turku

Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy