Key people

The Director of the Center is Professor Ulla Liukkunen.


Ulla Liukkunen

Ulla Liukkunen is Professor of  Labour Law and Private International Law at the University of Helsinki. She has published extensively on labour law, private international law, transnational law and international labour law, and written the only Finnish monograph on the legal aspects of the social dimension of globalisation. Professor Liukkunen has wide experience in law drafting. She has acted as an expert in several projects of the European Commission on comparative labour law and labour law implementation issues. She has also acted as an expert of the EU-China human rights dialogue. She is a member of the Finnish Academy Centre of Excellence in the Foundations of European Law and Polity Research, the Advisory Committee of the Labour Law Research Network, and Board of the European China Law Studies Association.

Professor Ulla Liukkunen led two of the six research projects concerning Chinese law for which the Academy of Finland currently provides funding. Both projects relate to labour law in China. For more details, please read here.

Please consult the link below to access a complete database of Professor Liukkunen publications and other academic activities.

TUHAT Database for full academic record