Guest Lecture Series

The guest lecture series organized by the Center is a concrete example of the Center’s engagement in providing knowledge of China law research outcomes for scholars, students, practitioners and the wider public. The Center invites scholars specializing in Chinese law from China and Finland, as well as research institutions in Europe, the US and Asia to visit the Center and report on their research findings. During their visits, researchers may network with researchers in the field, conduct further research, and give lectures on their areas of specialty. Lectures are regularly attended by professors and researchers from the Center’s member institutions, students, as well as practitioners in the field of law, and they are also open to the wider public.

Guest lectures and related researchers’ visits provide substance for the Center’s activities, promote research, and create an opportunity to develop academic cooperation. The purpose of this series is to keep all interested informed about transformations within Chinese law as well as bring awareness of the research focus among China law scholars. Moreover, the guest lecture series aims to facilitate cross-border exchange of ideas and promote legal comparison. Since 2013, the Center has hosted numerous guest lectures by scholars from China, the United States, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Italy.