Environmental Law

Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Efficiency Legislation, Finland/EU–China

A research projectClimate Change Mitigation and Energy Efficiency Legislation, Finland/EU–China led by Professor Ari Ekroos  (Aalto University) was launched in 2013.

According to the project, EU had very strong and broad consensual legislative position on climate change mitigation, which called for global co-operation focused on energy efficiency objectives and developing guiding instruments. External research action on climate change mitigation instruments with China could provide an ideal avenue for pioneering more systematic co-operation and reflection. China was very rapidly gaining ground in the area of climate change mitigation regulation, including legislation related to energy efficiency. These assets would become increasingly pertinent in the context of climate change mitigation landscape of the future. Co-operation on climate change mitigation between EU and China should be given the highest possible priority and strengthen research co-operation on climate change mitigation policies and developing legislation on energy efficiency.

The Sino-Finnish research cooperation in the research project aimed at improving the knowledge of Finnish/EU and Chinese policy-makers on energy efficiency legislation and policies applied in Finland/EU and in China; where European climate change mitigation policies had proved successful.

The project received funding from the Academy of Finland and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


Jenny Rontu, Sara Kymenvaara, Ari Ekroos (eds) (2015) Climate Law in Finland and China: Outlines of European and Chinese Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Effciency Regulation. Aalto University publication series, Science + Technology 6/2015. An electronic version is available on ResearchGate.

Principal investigators

Ari Ekroos, Professor of Environmental and Energy Law, University of Helsinki; Professor of Economic Law, Aalto University; LL.D

Qin Tianbao, Professor, Prof. Dr., Assistant Dean for International Affiliations Research Institute of Environmental Law (RIEL), Wuhan University