Doctoral Projects

Alongside projects funded by the Academy of Finland, member institutions of the Center host several doctoral candidates conducting research on Chinese law and legal culture:

 On-going doctoral theses:

 At the University of Helsinki:

  • Ekpemi Ekhabafe, PhD candidate: ‘International Labour Standards’ Implementation in Nigeria: The Role of Employee Participatory Rights in Chinese Owned Enterprises Operating in Nigeria
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Ulla Liukkunen
  • I An Gao, PhD candidate: Decolonizing Care for the Indigenous Elders: Exploring Complexities of Living Well in Taiwan
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Anne Maria Holli
  • Marja Paavilainen, PhD candidate: Dynamics of Employment Discrimination Law Implementation in China – A Study in Comparative Law
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Ulla Liukkunen
  • Jenny Rontu, PhD Candidate: Energy Efficiency Regulation of Existing Buildings
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Ari Ekroos
  • Timo Sipi, PhD candidate: Managing Contractual Risks – Indemnification for Third Party IPR Claims in Connection with the Commercialization of Technology by Finnish Technology Companies
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Mika Hemmo
  • Iina Tornberg, PhD candidate: Mandatory rules of law and international commercial arbitration: EU competition law provisions as manifestations of EU public policy in institutional arbitration in China
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Ulla Liukkunen
  • Yixuan Wu, PhD candidate: Labour Protection in Transformative Society: The Evolution and Conceptualisation of Chinese Labour Laws
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Ulla Liukkunen
  • Li Yuan, PhD candidate: How to Improve China’s Circular Economy Law and Policies to Tackle Climate Change and Sustainable Development
    Thesis supervisors: Professor Jukka Mahönen and Dr. Tiina Paloniitty
  • Karoliina Hurri, PhD Candidate: The Construction of China’s Leadership Role in Climate Politics
    Thesis supervisors: Associate Professor Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen and Associate Professor Tuomas Ylä-Anttila

At the University of Lapland:

  • Fei Lu, PhD candidate: Administrative Litigation Systems of China and Finland: A comparative study
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Juha Karhu and Professor Jaakko Husa

At the University of Turku:

  • Liisa Kauppila, PhD candidate: Arctic Opportunities as a Driver of Regional Integration in Northeast Asia? Chinese Strategies and Visions for Supranational Maritime Cooperation
    Thesis supervisor: Dr Outi Luova and Professor Rasmus Bertelsen
  • Alexandra Jingsi Ni, PhD candidate: A systematic re-examination of the “China Threat Thesis” in a multi-polarizing world
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Lauri Paltemaa
  • Pia Eskelinen, PhD candidate: Rural women and their land rights in China
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Johanna Niemi, Dr Outi Luova, and Professor Shi Daxiao (Fudan University)

Recently completed doctoral theses:

  • Wang Wei, PhD candidate: Merger Remedies in EU: Design under the Entire Competition Law Structure (Aatlto University, 2016)
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Matti Rudanko
  • Herman Aubié, PhD candidate: Liu Xiaobo’s Struggle for Human Rights A Contextual Analysis from a Historical Perspective (University of Turku, 2016)
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Lauri Paltemaa
  • Jyrki Kallio, PhD candidate: Towards China’s Strategic Narrative: On the construction of the historico-cultural roots of China’s national identity in the light of the Chinese debate relating to the rise of traditional schools of thought (University of Lapland, 2016)
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Matti Nojonen
  • Junxin Jiang, PhD candidate: Citizen Resistance Through Public Interest Litigation In Contemporary China (University of Turku, 2017)
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Lauri Paltemaa
  • Yajie Zhao, PhD candidate: China’s Intellectual Property Sytem in the Process of Catch-up – with Patent in Focus (University of Helsinki, 2018)
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Niklas Bruun, Professor Rainer Oesch, and Professor Matti Mikkola
  • Katriina Pankakoski, PhD candidate: Transfer Pricing of Trademark: Legal Restriction regarding the Arm´s length Pricing of the Intra-Group Transactions (University of Vaasa, 2018)
    Thesis supervisor: Professor Juha Lindgren
  • Kangle Zhang, PhD candidate: Not Equal: Towards an International Law of Finance (University of Helsinki, 2020)
    Thesis supervisor: Docent Jarna Petman, Professor Martti Koskenniemi, Professor Anna Gelpern (Georgetown Law)