The ILO 100th Anniversary Seminar of the University of Helsinki discusses also Chinese and Asian developments

The ILO 100th Anniversary Seminar – International Labour Standards Their Future Role in the Globalised World will be held on 18 September 2019 at the University of Helsinki.

This year marks the celebration of ILO Centenary. Participating in the worldwide anniversary, the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Law takes this as an opportunity to look at the achievements, future challenges and prospects of the ILO. The Seminar, thus, provides a platform for discussion on the roles, monitoring and enforcement of international labour standards as well as the implementation of labour rights in culturally diverse legal systems and regulatory frameworks. The seminar will also discuss the experience of China and other Asian countries with the ILO.

A list of speakers and further information can be found in the seminar programme.

The illumination of the ILO building projecting the visual identity celebrating the Centenary. © ILO / Crozet M.

The seminar is open to the public. Attendees are welcome to register  by 10 September 2019 via the electronic form.