Syksyn opetusta: Automising GIS processes alkaa 5.9.

Automising GIS processes -kurssin (56279) suosio oli taas suurta, ja ilmoittautumeita oli enemmän kuin väkeä voitiin ottaa kurssille. Opetus alkaa 5.9. ja jatkuu tiiviinä koko alkusyksyn! Opettajana toimii jatko-opiskelija Henrikki Tenkanen, yhdessä David Whippin kanssa.

“The course provides an introduction to automatize GIS workflows using Python programming and relevant open source GIS softwares such as QGIS. The main objective of the course is to learn the basic concepts of programming and how to use it to automatize handling of spatial data and different GIS-processes that enables to make the workflow more efficient and reproducible. During the course students will learn also the basic principles of open science and will apply specific tools such as version control and Github to keep track and save the changes of the codes. The course includes practical programming exercises that are done during the teaching.”