Gluteeniton quiche

Hyvää ruokahalua ihanat! If you’ve read other posts you may have noticed Kaisa and I actively avoiding wheat, rice, and corn in our recipes, as well as trying to source our ingredients from within the EU. With this recipe I wanted to explore gluteeniton quiche- and we’re in Finland- so potatoes happened. Beware: the following recipe is […]

Pumpkin dumplings

To be fair these are actually butternut squash dumplings, but where is the fun in that. Read: deliciously savory oat-based gooey pumpkin pods, served with an herby sauce. Vegan, and free of rice + corn + wheat. Best served wiiiiiittthhhhhh friendship. WARNING: Duration of cook time increases exponentially in relation to the number of coffee breaks […]

Sweet and Smoky Beetroot Salad

Times like these I find myself asking… Is a roasted beet worth it? It’s messier than boiling. And it takes longer than boiling. To be perfectly honest… I’m really not sure. But if you’ve never tried, give it a shot! I will admit it’s rather convenient if you’re roasting other veggies at the same time, and walking […]