Sharlotka Apple Pie

Apple pie is a classic autumn dessert, but this time I wanted to try an apple delicacy of a new kind – a russian style sharlotka. It is incredibly simple to make and besides apples you’ll only need wheat flour, eggs, sugar and some cinnamon and vanilla sugar. On top of easiness it’s also a […]

Herby nightshades + chanterelle sauce

Anyone else frustrated and/or terrified that S and K Market own a combined 86% of the food market in Finland? (Almost) all of the ingredients in this recipe are not only seasonally-appropriate, but also sourced from places that aren’t-Prisma and are grown by people I know and want to support. The turnip and zucchini were gifted […]

Welcome back to Kasviskeskiviikko!

  Anyone else power-pose when you look at your plate and realize the meal you’ve just prepared is entirely corn, wheat, and rice-free? Roughly 51% of all global food consumption comes from these three crops. We condemn a globalized food system built upon mono-cropped agriculture and yet… we’ve accepted the presence of these three crops into almost […]