Welcome back to Kasviskeskiviikko!


Anyone else power-pose when you look at your plate and realize the meal you’ve just prepared is entirely corn, wheat, and rice-free?

Roughly 51% of all global food consumption comes from these three crops.

We condemn a globalized food system built upon mono-cropped agriculture and yet… we’ve accepted the presence of these three crops into almost every meal as normal. This is a place for us to talk options because… there must be a way for our values to align with our actions. Right?

Kaisa and I are your new Kasviskeskiviikko Coordinators. We are also human beings who eat things! We have a lot of strong feelings about the things we eat, and thus, try to hold ourselves accountable with a few guidelines. She avoids food that was grown outside of the EU and I avoid rice, corn and wheat. I try to cook with a minimum of 5 colors, and, while neither of us eat animals- you will absolutely find cheese in our fridges.

Every Wednesday we will offer you a new recipe that one of us has created, peppered with occasional food-centric conversation-sparkers. Some will be in English, some in Finnish. Some will be vegan and some will be vegetarian, many will follow the guidelines outlined above. Lastly- despite my eternal confusion, all will use metric units of measurement.

The intention is that some of you will actually try our recipes, so, grab a buddy and give it a go. First recipe comes tomorrow.