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DBC Pierre: Vernon God Little : a 21st century comedy in the presence of death , (2003)


Publisher’s description:

“Vernon Gregory Little has secrets – but none of them, or so he assumes, have anything to do with the recent massacre of sixteen students at his high school. What he cannot see is that the quirky Texan backwater of Martirio is unable to face its role in the tragedy, and has become a deadly crucible as all eyes turn on Vernon. The media, his mother’s social circle, and the increasingly prosperous townsfolk lead Vernon a merry dance of self-incrimination, as he flees to Mexico and is captured and put on trial as Texas’ most notorious serial killer. Then on the afternoon of his execution, Vernon conceives a wholly modern solution to his dilemma – one that calls for the greatest crime of all.

DBC Pierre was born in 1961 in Australia, brought up in Mexico, and has lived on both sides of the border. He has worked as a designer and is internationally published as a cartoonist. Since winning The Man Booker Prize in 2003 for Vernon God Little, he has also written Ludmila’s Broken English (2006).”


Access in Helka-database:



Holden Caulfield on Ritalin
Sam Sifton
The New York Times, 9.11.2003

Lone star
Carrie O’Grady
The Guardian, 18.1.2003

Growing up with Jesus
Jonathan Heawood
The Observer, 19.1.2003

Furriners go nuts for gun-totin’ Yanks!
Laura Miller
Salon, 6.11.2003

Bad Actors
James Ley
Australian Book Review, Dec 2003/Jan 2004, p. 50-51

The Real within the Hyper-real: Identity and Social Location in Vernon God Little
Himansu S. Mohapatra
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The Lie-World
James Wood
London Review of Books, vol. 25, no. 22, p. 25-

‘How did I get here?’ , (Interview)
Emma Brockes
The Guardian, 16.9.2003

Interview: Novelist DBC Pierre
Jasper Rees
The arts desk, 28.1.2011





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