Anu Rouhikoski


MA Anu Rouhikoski is a doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki. In her dissertation (in progress), she examines Finnish directives in service encounter data collected in Helsinki. The data have been video-recorded in the offices of the Social Insurance Institution (KELA) of Finland. One aspect of her study concerns addressing in directives: How do officials address their customers? When do they do that explicitly, when implicitly?


Publications related to addressing

Rouhikoski, Anu 2012: Koska meitä käsketään – tai pyydetään, neuvotaan ja ohjataan. –Gerontologia 26, 262–263.

Rouhikoski, Anu 2015: Laita, laitatko vai laitat? Kolmen direktiivirakenteen variaatio asiakaspalvelutilanteessa. – Virittäjä 119, 189 – 222. [English abstract: Imperative, interrogative or 2nd-person declarative? Variation of three directive constructions in service encounters]


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