Workshop in Early Modern Political Philosophy

Date: Monday, February 13, 2017

The workshop takes place at the Faculty room (tiedekuntasali) of the Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, address Vuorikatu 3 (courtyard), floor 5B.


11.00–11.45 (chair: Aino Lahdenranta)
Risto Saarinen: Opening words and Reason and Religious Recognition (OUP)

Mikko Tolonen: Text and Data Mining for Eighteenth-Century History of Ideas

Lunch break

13.30–14.15 (chair: Virpi Mäkinen)
Martina Reuter: Poulain de la Barre on the Subjugation of Women

Kari Saastamoinen: Natural Equality and Natural Law in Locke’s Two Treatises

Coffee break

15.20-16.20 (chair: Heikki Haara)
Kinch Hoekstra: Thucydides in the Reformation

Commentator: Pekka Kärkkäinen