CoE Retreat 2018 at Tvärminne

This year’s CoE retreat focused on two main questions: What has been already done and what are the future plans.

The new members of each team gave a brief presentation of their research topic. Vilja Alanko from team one spoke about her research which based on the early Christian hagiography. She took three saints as her example figures, namely, Saint Tecla, Saint Makrina and Saint Mary of Egypt.

Mikko Posti from team two spoke about just war and identity formation using some canon lawyers and Henry of Ghent’s quodlibetal his source material.

Sara Gehlin and Panu Pihkala, new members of team three introduced us their main research projects: Sara’s research focuses on the role of women in peace-building processes and she is especially interested in ecumenical peace theology with feminist theological discourses.

At the end of the retreat we discussed about future seminars and conferences as well as other ideas to continue already existing co-operation between team members after the CoE, for example, to apply new research projects. This was a theme we discussed very intensively in my car while driving back to Helsinki.