Electronic learning environment

Questionnaire: Teachers’ use of and needs for electronic learning environment in Kumpula Campus, spring 2020

The data consists of a convenient sample of 75 higher education teachers from Faculty of Science. The respondents filled in an online questionnaire in late May 2020 and the link was delivered by email. One follow-up reminder was sent. The questionnaire was sent to all teaching and research staff, and response rate was about 14 %.

See summary of the results here.

See our publication about academic teachers’ digital competence in distance teaching

Myyry, L., Kallunki, V., Katajavuori, N., Repo, S., Tuononen, T., Anttila, H., Kinnunen, P., Haarala-Muhonen, A. & Pyörälä, E. (2022). COVID-19 Accelerating Academic Teachers’ Digital Competence in Distance Teaching. Frontiers in Education, https://doi.org/10.3389/feduc.2022.770094