Status is the student organization of the Social Psychology students and students who are interested in social psychology at the University of Helsinki. The agenda of Status is to keep in touch with all the Social Psychology students, strengthen the bond between Social Psychology students and scientists. Also, one of our primary missions is to oversee students’ interest.

Become a member:

Our events are usually open to every student at the University of Helsinki who is interested in social psychology or wants to spend time with the social psychology students. If our event is only for the members of Status, we will mention that in the event description. And where can you find the information about all our events and activities? There are few options:

  1. Our Facebook page
  2. Our Facebook group
  3. Instagram: Status_ry
  4. Our mail list

To join our mail list, send “subscribe Status-lista” without a title to In case you want to unsubscribe the mail list, post “unsubscribe status-lista” to the same e-mail address.

If you have any questions, please contact us: status-hal (at)