HS article

Read the new article co-authored by Sanna Kopra – “Jääsilkkitie sai Kiinan kiinnostumaan Pohjolasta” ( Ice Silk Road Attracted China’s Interest in the North) published on Helsingin Sanomat.

The importance of the North Dimension has been emphasized in China’s strategy, and its interest in the Arctic countries, including Finland, has increased.

As climate change progresses north of Siberia, the seaway that China named the Ice Silk Road is opening. The Ice Silk Road is a strategically important project as it enables the transportation of natural resources through the ice to the Chinese market. By increasing the use of natural gas from the Arctic, China seeks to reduce the pollution from coal burning, especially the smog in large cities. The Ice Silk Road can also significantly speed up the carriage of cargo between China and Europe. Read more on Helsingin Sanomat.

GLASE Science Cafe

Today GLASE (Multilayered Borders of Global Security) organised a Science cafe event, where Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen took part representing Winland project. The talk was on energy and information management in times of hybridization by Professor of the Russian Environment Studies Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen and Janne “Rysky” Riiheläinen, communications expert of the GLASE research project.

Picture by @TeemuOivo.

MOT interview

Professor Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen appeared in “Venäläinen sähköisku” (Russian energy shock), MOT (Mikä oli tutkittava) TV-programme episode on Yle TV1 on Monday, 19 of February 2018. In his interview Tynkkynen spoke about Russia’s energy policy. You can watch the full programme here.

Turun Sanomat article

An article by Sanna Kopra was published in Turun Sanomat. The article titled “Kiina haluaa varmistaa paikkansa Arktiksella” (China Wants to Secure Its Place in the Arctic). The article is available for the TS subscribers here.

Article on Politiikasta

Sanna Kopra’s article “Kiinan Arktinen diplomatia pyrkii vähentämään uhkakuvia” (China’s Arctic Diplomacy Seeks to Reduce Threats) was published on Politiikasta. The article observes how China’s recent and anticipated Arctic strategy seeks to increase the transparency of the policy by reducing the mistrust that China’s growing interest in the region has created among the Arctic states.