FRRESH Autumn Seminar

The FRRESH Autumn Seminar, that is taking place today at the University of Helsinki, is focusing on practical skills. The seminar is divided into two sessions with one focusing on supervision and the other on teaching. Karoliina Hurri, who is working as PhD student in our group, is one of the panelists.

The morning panel will discuss supervision both from the supervisor’s and the graduate students’ viewpoint and the afternoon workshop will share best practices in assessment of the undergraduate students.

The relationship between the supervisor and the Ph.D. candidate is crucial for a successful completion of a dissertation. What do supervisors expect from Ph.D. students and what do students expect from supervisors? Are there differences in the way supervision is conducted in national academic contexts? These are among the questions tackled in the panel with supervisors and Ph.D. candidates from Finland, Russia, and the UK.

The panel will be followed by a workshop on teaching. Among the many challenges in teaching at a university level, assessment of undergraduate students’ work is often the hard one. At the panel the experience of teaching and difficulties will be discussed.

Additional information on the event can be found here.