Finnish Peace Research Association’s spring seminar ”Ilmasto – Politiikka – Rauha?” (“Climate-Politics-Peace?”)

Finnish Peace Research Association’s spring seminar ”Ilmasto – Politiikka – Rauha?” (“Climate-Politics-Peace?”) is taking place today at the University of Turku from 18 till 19.30. Sanna Kopra will moderate the event.
The seminar will discuss what should be done with peace research within the climate debate and how climate change is reflected in security policy. Senior researcher Emma Hakala (Finnish Institute of International Affairs) and Postdoctoral researcher Miina Kaarkoski (University of Jyväskylä) will start the discussion. In her speech, Hakala will discuss how climate change affects security, and particularly conflicts. She will also consider if environmental issues can sometimes act as a stimulus for peace building. Kaarkoski, in turn, will examine how climate change has influenced the perceptions of Finland’s security environment and national defense. Is the security dimension of climate change strengthening in Finland?

More information on the seminar can be read in Finnish here.