Meet the new trainees!

Three new trainees and one non-military serviceman have started working at HELSUS this week! Here you can get to know the new faces that are working with the sustainability course this autumn.  

My name is Emma-Reeta Käsmä and I will be part of the HELSUS and sustainability course team for the next 5 months as an intern. I’ve lived in Helsinki for a while but originally, I’m from a small town in Northern Ostrobothnia. I’m a student in the Society and Change master program in the faculty of Social Sciences and my major is Economic and Social History. I’m about to begin my master thesis next spring and my current idea is to concentrate on socio-historical aspects of sustainability in the development of public transport systems in Helsinki.  

My main responsibilities as an intern in HELSUS will focus on the development of the Sustainability Course by organising workshops and events in the university and enchaining the communication between different stakeholders of the course. I’m looking forward to these next months. I’m sure it will bring lots of new experiences and interesting viewpoints to sustainability. 

My name is Sini Holopainen, and I am a new HELSUS trainee of autumn 2021. At HELSUS I am looking forward to all the new and interesting tasks with communications, sustainability course, content creating and so on. I have only the thesis and traineeship left in my global sustainability (ECGS) studies, so I hope I will soon become a Master of Social Sciences. From all the sustainability issues I think I’m most interested in learning more about systemic and societal changes towards more sustainable societies, cultures and lifestyles. My wish for the future is that after graduation I can help our planet Earth and its beings to thrive with my work. Working at HELSUS feels like a perfect opportunity, and I am happy about being part of this community that has similar interests and values to me. 

Last spring, I started a new hobby, planting my own vegetable garden. Even though I identify myself more as a social scientist, I am interested in how the ecosystems work and how we can live peacefully with all other beings, including plants. In my life I wish to create a stronger connection with the natural world which I am obviously a part of. I think a stronger bond with the natural world is essential so we can create a more sustainable future in which we all are able to enjoy our unique trip here on Earth. 

Hi! My name is Eero Ketola and I am doing my non-military service at HELSUS for the next eleven months. I did my bachelor’s degree in environmental science, and for the past year I have studied environmental change in the ECGS master’s program, in which I have focused on northern ecosystems and environment and urban studies. I am also interested in the different aspects of sustainability, environmental change and change in society. After graduation I hope to work with sustainability issues and environmental topics, either in research or through other avenues, and I think working at HELSUS is a great opportunity to learn loads of new things and contribute productively. 

I am very much looking forward to working at HELSUS for the next year with many different tasks, including work on the co-creation lab and the sustainability course. The sustainability course is part of an important effort of shedding more light on not only different sustainability issues, but also on what exactly sustainability and its different aspects are. I am excited to be part of this community and team, and I’m looking forward to doing my little part in advancing sustainable change at the university and in society. 

My name is Saara Varis, and I will be working as a HELSUS trainee for the next six months. My responsibilities will be focused on communication tasks such as website and blog updates, social media communication, content creation, and communication related to HELSUS seminars, but I will be working on other tasks as well. 

I did my Bachelor’s degree in Geography, and I am currently studying in the ECGS Master’s program, on the Global Sustainability side. I am in my second year, so I only have less than a year left of my studies. I am passionate about all things sustainability, but my particular interests include sustainability issues related to consumption, food, climate change, as well as sustainable development. Moreover, in my free time I like to be active, especially with my dance hobby, and spend time outdoors with my family dogs and horses. 

I am super excited to have the opportunity to do my internship at HELSUS and I cannot wait to really get started with the job and my diverse tasks. I look forward to learning more about sustainability-related work, communications, and HELSUS operations. It is truly inspiring to be able to work with the things I am sincerely passionate about and with people who share this same passion for sustainability! I believe we can do wonderful things together and advance a sustainability transition.