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Valtio-opin opiskelijat ry (VOO) – Students of Political Science – is an active association for political science students in the faculty of social sciences. The administrative organ is the VOO student board, which is elected every year. Its members take care of VOO with a passion and with deep commitment. Good spirit is the key driving force in our association! You are very welcome to take part in our numerous activities including parties, sports, debates and travels.

In Autumn, VOO organises for example a toga party and ”sitsit”, a traditional Finnish dinner including singing, drinking and cold food. In spring our association has its annual party, which is undoubtedly the biggest and most stylish event of the year. These are just a few of our activities: as a member of VOO you will always find some activity to join in!

As an association of students that study political sciences we have to be ready to be involved internationally. VOO aims to incorporate a more international outlook towards studies and student life in several different ways.

The international side of VOO brings the Finnish students and the international exchange students together. Student parties are organized around the year, and international students are warmly welcome. VOO is also devoted to including exchange students in its events, informing them through various outlets and vice versa: members of VOO are also kept updated with international events taking place almost every week in Helsinki.