Basics to Chinese Law at the University of Lapland

The University of Lapland organizes courses on the “Basics to Chinese Law”.

The next two courses will be taught by Hongjie Tian, Professor at Renmin Law School, currently visiting the Faculty of Law at the University of Lapland.

1. Basics to Chinese Law: Intellectual Property Protected by Criminal Law in China

18.11.2013 – 21.11.2013


  • Part One: The Current Situation and Harm of Crimes against Intellectual Proterty in China
  • Part Two: Causes of Crimes against Intellectual Proterty and Measures against them in China
  • Part Three: Protection Mechanism by Criminal legislation on Crimes against Intellectual Property in China
  • Part Four: Consistence of Administrative and Criminal Laws Application: Protection Mechanism by Laws Application on Crimes against Intellectual Property in China

2. Basics to Chinese Law: Understood Legislative Transformation: the Development of Rule of Criminal Law in China

25.11.2013 – 28.11.2013


  • Part One: Understood Legislative Transformation: the Modification and Application of Chinese Criminal Law
  • Part Two: Arguments and Thinking on Drunk Driving being Legislated as a Crime
  • Part Three: The Perfecting and Application of community correction
  • Part Four: The Criminal Stand on Risk Society

Previous courses modules within the “Basics to Chinese Law” course include:

Basics to Chinese Law: Introduction to Chinese Law and Business
Professor Daxiao Shi, lecturer at Fudan University Law School.
21.10.13 -23.10.13

This question-oriented course presents a brief overview of the legal system in the Peoples Republic of China. It will cover the following topics: the sources of law, the structure of the state, judicial reform, the legal profession and so forth. The main fields of law are also included to be examined.