The Finnish Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture is pleased to welcome Stuart Mooney as its new Coordinator.

Stuart brings to the role a long background in China and Chinese law. In both his Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (Australian National University) and Master of International and Comparative Law (University of Helsinki), Stuart focused on law in China and China’s relationship with international law. Stuart studied Chinese law during a six month exchange to the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, and wrote his undergraduate law thesis on China’s Law of Contracts.

During his Masters studies at the University of Helsinki, Stuart worked as a Research Assistant in the Finnish China Law Center and helped edit books on China’s implementation of international labour law.

Stuart has also lived and worked in mainland China, having taught for a year at the Nanyang Institute of Technology, Henan Province.

Stuart Mooney, new Coordinator of the Finnish China Law Center

‘It’s a privilege to coordinate and support Chinese law-related research and education in Finland’, Stuart says. ‘The Finnish China Law Center is a unique institution internationally.’

‘I look forward to continuing its pioneering work and to further strengthen relationships between Finnish and Chinese universities and research institutions.’


‘I’m also excited to help forge new relationships with Chinese and international partners to facilitate deeper bilateral collaboration across different legal fields’.

Stuart works closely with the Director of the Center, Professor Ulla Liukkunen, and Dean of the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law, Professor Kimmo Nuotio, to support the Center’s member institutions and enhance mutual understanding between the Finnish and Chinese legal systems.

Stuart replaces Iina Tornberg, a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki. ‘I have big shoes to fill’, Stuart admits. ‘I hope to support the Center’s member institutions and continue to cooperate closely with our Chinese counterparts, including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Law, Peking University, Renmin University and Wuhan University’.

‘I warmly welcome and encourage inquiries about the Center, potential collaboration, and questions about bilateral Sino-Finnish legal issues generally’.

Based in the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, Stuart can be reached at stuart.mooney (at)