Governance of IP in China and Europe – TRANSIP Research Project Book Workshop at CASS

CASS Workshop1

TransIP project’s researchers gathered at the CASS, Institute of Law, to attended the closed workshop: ‘Governance of IP in China and EU’ held on 15-16 December 2014. It was a great honour for the project members to invite Professor Peter Yu to comment on the articles written by them.

In this workshop, each researcher presented his or her article that will constitute a contribution to the edited volume  IP and Governance in EU and China, to be  published by Edward Elgar in the forthcoming year. Each article received comments from two commentators. Additionally, all researchers in the group were free to express their opinions on the article.

After this workshop, it is believed that the book will attract the interests of academic circles as well as practitioners.

CASS Workshop
Participants to the workshop: (in the lower row from the left) Prof. Li Mingde, Prof. Niklas Bruun, Prof. Nari Lee; (in the upper row from the left) PhD Zhao Yajie, Dr Zhang Liguo, PhD He Kan, PhD Kelli Larson


 Authors: Yajie Zhao and He Kan