Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences visits the China Law Center

A delegation from the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) visited the Finnish China Law Center on June 21, 2017. Kimmo Nuotio, the Dean of the Helsinki University, Faculty of Law and Chair of the Center’s Board, and Ellen Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson, Professor of Civil and Commercial Law at the University of Helsinki, hosted the delegation together with the Center’s staff.

Being the first visit by SASS to the China Law Center and the University of Helsinki, the purpose of the visit was mainly to develop mutual understanding and talk about potential future cooperation. Mr. Hou Shuiping, President and Professor of SASS, introduced SASS, a research institute and a highly influential think tank in Sichuan province, and its main areas of research. Mr. Hou then expressed interest in exploring research cooperation in the areas of trade, transportation, education and technology with the Helsinki side.

Dean Nuotio gave a brief introduction about the China Law Center and the University of Helsinki and its China connection. He also touched upon the China’s Silk Road initiative that Mr. Hou also mentioned earlier, noting that the University of Helsinki, Faculty of law was one of the founding members of the recently launched New Silk Road Law Schools Alliance.

Prof. Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson then introduced her area of expertise. Her most recent research, as a part of InterTran Research Group for Sustainable Business and Law at the University of Helsinki, is in the field transportation – more specifically, the sustainability of transportation in Europe. Both sides expressed interest in exploring the Sino-Finnish and Sino-European aspect and research cooperation on this topic.

Mr. Hou presenting a research publication by SASS to Dean Kimmo and Prof. Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson.

The visit was a successful beginning to develop further cooperation between the two sides. Each side gained deeper knowledge about the other, and many points of mutual interest were found. After the visit to the University of Helsinki and the China Law Center, the SASS delegation continued to explore the beautiful sights of the Helsinki city centre.

Author: Cristina D. Juola