Visiting researchers at the Faculty of Law, University of Lapland

Zhu Wenqi

Professor of International Law at Renmin University of China and Director of the International Criminal Law Institute and the International Humanitarian Law Centre (06.10.2014-05.11.2014).

Li Peifeng

Associated Professor on Legal History, Law School of ZhongNan University of Economics and Law (1.7.2014 – 31.12.2014).

Hongjie Tian

Professor at the Law School of Renmin University (20.10.2013-30.11.2013).

Shi Daxiao

Lectuer at Fudan University (October 2013).
Dr. Daxiao SHI graduated from Peking University Law School, now is lecturer at Fudan University Law School. His research fields include jurisprudence, legal history and contract law.