Help, Climate Change! – exhibition by students open for public at Helsinki Observatory

Helsinki Observatory

The new temporary mini-exhibition at Helsinki Observatory is all about the changing climate of our home planet. The exhibition provides an approachable introduction to climate history and the carbon cycle, and lets you try your hand at balancing carbon sinks with emissions. The exhibition has been created in cooperation with students of the University of Helsinki course in Autumn 2021. During the course, the students designed 20 exhibition items in groups as project work. Some of the items were selected in collaboration with the Observatory staff to be implemented in the historical obseratory premises.

Even though the exhibition is both informative and entertaining, it does not stop there. Contrasting with the historical milieu of the old observatory, it calls you to imagine your own future climate utopias and save the things you value most. Surrounded both by nature and some of the finest achievements of humankind, the environment of the exhibition reminds you of all the things in this world that are worth fighting for.

Exhibition is open for public from 27.5.2022 onwards, Thu at 12 – 20, Fri-Sat at 12 – 16. Address: Kopernikuksentie 1, Helsinki. Entrance fee: 8/6/4 EUR, for free with the Museum card.

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