Thank you for the past years! Lapland’s Dark Heritage is slowing down

Lapland’s Dark Heritage project is coming to the end of its funding by the Academy of Finland and the active research phase ended with the final fieldwork carried out in Lapland in August 2018. The project has been extremely interesting and we are grateful to all the people who have been in co-operation with us over the past four years! Our social media channels will be toning down, but we’ll keep informing you through them for example whenever new research gets published.

We continue to publish the results of our research, even if the active phase is now over: there are at the moment several publications that are coming out soon, and several others that are being still processed. Our studies have been very productive, for instance, in the research and popular publications, the public outreach and community and public archaeology, and the impact on how the German WW2 material heritage in Northern Finland is seen both locally, nationally and internationally.

Our most important measurable scientific and public outputs in 2014-2018:

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Research paper (peer reviewed) 1 5 6 4
Research paper (non-peer reviewed) 1 1 3
Popular paper 1 2 2
Book 1
Conference/seminar presentation 2 3 6 9 2
Public presentation 5 4 3
Public community archaeological studies (weeks)
1 2 1
Orthodox memorial service at POW camp
Total 3 5 18 24 16

Although all of us are moving on to work with other things in the nearby future, you are welcome to keep contacting Vesa-Pekka Herva, Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto, Oula Seitsonen and Suzie Thomas in Lapland’s Dark Heritage related matters. We are also actively planning continuation for our research on Lapland’s Second World War heritage!

You are also welcome to follow Oula Seitsonen’s new Winter War conflict archaeology project Archaeology of the Mannerheim Line: Mapping the Heritage Value of Finnish Second World War Defensive Line in Karelian Isthmus (Russia), at University of Helsinki in 2018-2019.