Lux Humana – Book of the Week 15 / 2011 : Happy Accidents

Morton A. Meyers: Happy accidents : serendipity in modern medical breakthroughs , (2007)

Publisher’s description:

“This is Morton Meyers’ fascinating, entertaining, and highly accessible look at the surprising role serendipity played in some of the most important medical discoveries in the 20th century. Though within the scientific community a certain stigma is attached to chance discovery because it is wrongly seen as pure luck, happy accidents happen every day and Meyers shows how it takes intelligence, insight, and creativity to recognize a “Eureka! I found what I wasn’t look for!” moment and know what to do next. Penicillin, chemotherapy drugs, X-rays, anti-depressants, the adult stem cell, genetics of cancer, the Pap smear, and Viagra were all discovered accidentally, stumbled upon in search of something else. In discussing these medical breakthroughs and others, Dr. Meyers makes a cogent, highly engaging argument for a more creative, rather than purely linear, approach to science.”

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Morton A. Meyers, M.D. Homepage:

 Back to the Future

Morton A. Meyers

AJR 2008 ; 190 ; 561-564

A funny thing happened on the way to the lab

W.F. Bynum

BMJ. 2007 December 1; 335(7630): 1157

Taking a chance

Jutta Schickore

Nature Medicine , 13 , p. 1135 , (2007)

From the Editor’s Notebook : Happy Accidents

Robert J. Stanley

AJR 2007 ; 189, p. 265

Happy Accidents: Serendipity in Modern Medical Breakthroughs

Kyung Soo Lee

Korean J Radiol. 2007 Jul-Aug ; 8(4) : 263-263

Happy Accidents : Serendipity in Modern Medical Breakthroughs

David G. Nathan

The FASEB Journal ; vol. 23, no. 10, 3260-3261

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