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Kuvat Kirsi Cheas & Heini Ikäheimo


Avajaissanat Harri Kettunen ja Tea Havukainen Macondosta

Jussi Pakkasvirta: Turismi, kestävä kehitys ja latinalaisamerikkalainen “eksotiikka”

Florencia Quesada Avendaño: Urban Imaginaries in Latin America

Latin America is the most urbanized of the world’s developing regions. According to UN-World Urbanization Prospects in 2010, 79,6% of Latin America’s 588 million inhabitants were living in urban areas. The singular process of urbanization in Latin America has been accompanied by the concentration of the growth in specific areas, which has produced the rise of large cities and megacities. Latin America has two of the five biggest megacities in the world, despite concentrating less than 15 of the planet’s urban population.
While the world become urbanized, cities have become more fragmented, urbanization is no longer tied only to a physical location to a space but to different technological, economic, communicative, and ultimately, cultural effects. The talk will analyze the importance of urban imaginaries, as an event worthy of study, born precisely in those moments in which living in a city is no longer the condition for being urban. The imagined city is an attempt to comprehend the city made by its inhabitants, and not so much by its material builders.

Teivo Teivainen: Voiko Latinalaista Amerikkaa tutkimalla oppia Suomen tulevaisuudesta?

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