Frijoles. Tequila. Hugo Chávez.

Latin Lover. Merengue. Tarja Turunen.
Lima. Fútbol. Diego y Frida.
United Fruit Co. Surfing. Favelas.
Amazonas. Inca Kola. Quetzalcoatl.

We are Macondo – a student organization, open to all who share our interest to all things Latin American and Caribbean. Come along, even if you are not looking for anything highly cultural or intellectual.

Macondo is an organisation for the students of Latin American studies in University of Helsinki. To get involved in our activities, all you need to do is have interest in the topic – no need to be a student in order to come along.

We mainly work on three fields:

Macondo represents the students of the Latin American studies in University of Helsinki; plans excursions and visits; and organises parties and cultural activities.

To become a member, contact us by email with your name (and student number, if you are a student in University of Helsinki).

We send information about our activities on our mailing lists, as well in our group (MACONDO Ry) on Facebook. We mainly publish our activities in Finnish, but can also provide information in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In order to subscribe our mailing lists, send message:

subscribe macondo-lista

(without a title) to majordomo@helsinki.fi. To remove yourself from the list, send a message:

unsubscribe macondo-lista

to the same address.

To guarantee that anyone can join in, Macondo does not charge anything for the membership.